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The search for the right engineering solution is becoming increasingly difficult due to ever-higher demands on maximum allowable tolerances.

Micro Manufacturing techniques such as 3D Micro Milling & Micro EDM can translate micron-level functionalities into the right design for your project.

In this webinar, Gerrit Ter Hoek, CEO Ter Hoek Vonkerosie, and Hans Soetens, Sr. Architect Mechatronics at Philips Innovations, tell you all about Micro Manufacturing and its possibilities:

  • What exactly are 3D Micro milling & Micro EDM?

  • When is it a suitable solution?

  • How did these techniques solve the engineering challenges faced by Philips Innovations?

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High-end customization

High-end customization

Delivering custom work starts with understanding the customer’s request. We ask questions, think along with them, and deliver custom solutions.

Extreme precision

Extreme precision 

And once we have found the best solution, you, as our customer, can rely on our extreme precision when it comes to serial manufacturing. We guarantee a very high level of process reliability even with batch sizes of thousands of copies.

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